Grant Park Music Festival

Grant Park Music Festival

Grant Park Music Festival

With 4,000 reserved seats (of which over half are Grant Park Music Festival members) and the Great Lawn that accommodates an additional 8,000 concert goers for each performance, the Grant Park Music Festival can be found at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion performing three concerts per week and as many as five open daytime rehearsals throughout the week, attracting hundreds of thousands of music lovers each summer, with over 1,000,000 listening to the live broadcast.

The Grant Park Orchestra is led by principal conductor Carlos Kalmar, chorus director Christopher Bell and the orchestra is comprised of professional musicians and the Grant Park Chorus and offers a wide variety of musical performances including classical, popular and Broadway hits.

Ad Deadlines

Festival 1
Space/Non-camera Ready Ads: May 14
Camera Ready Materials: May 21
Publication Date: June 11

Festival 2
Space/Non-camera Ready Ads: June 11
Camera Ready Materials: June 18
Publication Date: July 9

Festival 3
Space/Non-camera Ready Ads: June 30
Camera Ready Materials: July 7
Publication Date: July 28

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