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What do you enjoy about being a member?

I have been a LUMAmember for seven years. The benefits

of being a LUMA member are many. In addition to free

admission to themuseumanytime, I like that I can also attend

opening receptions for temporary exhibitions, educational

programs, and most lectures offered throughout the year

free of charge. Members also receive The LUMANARY,

LUMA?s news magazine. Oh yes, and members also receive

a 10% discount in LUMA?s Gift Shop.

How do you connect what the D?Arcy teaches us with

your existing beliefs?

The D?Arcy collection is comprised of art and art objects

largely inspired by Christian beliefs and tradition. The

D?Arcy is an awesome exhibit of the spiritual in art

manifested by the spirituality of the artist. It confirms my

belief in the amazing God-given power of the human spirit.

I believe there is a strong connection between spirituality

and creativity and how humans, in general, live life.

Given our current political and societal landscape, how

relevant is LUMA?s mission to the present times?

LUMA?s mission is dedicated to exploring, understanding,

and promoting the spirituality of all cultures and societies

through art and artistic expression. As a visitor walks

through the entrance to the museum, immediately on

the wall to the right, one sees the Windows of Faith. They

represent the five major religions of the word: Buddhism,

Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. The windows

serve to pronounce LUMA?s mission. LUMA?s D?Arcy

Collection and the museum?s temporary exhibits are created

to bring inspired art to the public, calling attention to the

virtues and spiritual practices of these faiths and more.

Spiritual practices like love, social responsibility, peace

and hope are most certainly relevant to the present times.

What is your favorite current exhibit and which piece

speaks to you the most?

That would be the current Works on Paper exhibit,

Misericordia: Together We Celebrate

. I can?t say that there

is one piece that speaks to me more than any other. Rather,

Schapiro?s photographs speak to me collectively in a

resounding way that warms my heart to see what a loving

environment can do to embolden the human spirit and

enhance the quality of life by developing the full potential

of the residents of Misericordia. That is truly something

to celebrate.

Where do you see LUMA in 10 years?

LUMA is a museumwith a unique mission. With qualified

people in the key positions of MuseumDirector and Curator

of the D?Arcy Collection, I can see LUMA becoming a

destination museumwithin 10 years. And, why shouldn?t it

be? LUMA has received accreditation from the American

Alliance of Museums-- the highest national recognition

for a museum. Of the nations? estimated 17,500 museums,

this accreditation puts LUMA in the top 6% of museums

in the United States.

I think growing the D?Arcy Collection and expanding the

third floor gallery space would make for a better museum

experience. I also think that choosing temporary exhibits

that are in keeping with LUMA?s mission and touch the

soul will always make for a powerful museum experience.

Illuminate your spirit ?

become a member of LUMA today!

If you are interested in becoming a member of LUMA, visit

our website at

or contact

Theolyn Patterson at 312.915.7608 or


LUMA Member Feature

Conversation with LUMA Member Leonard Caramela