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Message from the Curator


Kathleen Beaulieu

Matthew Dattilo

Patrick Dorsey, S.J.

Marsha Goldstein

Nevin Hedlund

Virginia Hogan

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Dr. Robert Roemer

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Debra Yates


Dear Members and Friends:

This summer LUMA is thrilled to showcase the captivating work of three

distinct Chicago photographers: Jeffrey Wolin, Susan Aurinko and Michelle

Murphy. Our current collection of exhibitions is designed to engage visitors in

critical conversations regarding economic and gender inequality, individual and

community struggles, and spiritual exploration.

JeffreyWolin?s exhibition

Pigeon Hill: Then and Now

features a longitudinal series

of portraits documenting the stories of residents of the Pigeon Hill housing

project in Bloomington, IN. Wolin?s work is internationally recognized for

combining image and text to produce poetic and intimate representations of his

photographic subjects. This series addresses issues related to systemic economic

inequality in rural America by presenting narratives of survival and gripping

personal reflections. Susan Aurinko?s

Searching for Jehanne?the Joan of Arc


visually traces the brief life of St. Joan of Arc, one of the most recognized

figures in Western civilization. Aurinko?s project examines the iconic nature of

this venerated saint through a photographic exploration of monuments, historical

sites, and cherished objects. Michelle Murphy?s

Responsive Beauty

series critically

investigates the beauty industry and consumer culture. These visually stunning

images strategically engage with the history of minimalism by creating abstract

work that is sociopolitical in content.

Currently on view in our

Jean Morman Unsworth Art Expressways Gallery,

is the

Beam it Out/Bring it In

art series organized by the Chicago nonprofit archi-treasures.

LUMA is proud to provide a venue to exhibit the work of this innovative arts-

based community development organization.

In conjunction with our summer exhibitions, LUMA has collaborated with

numerous Loyola University Chicago departments in developing a range of

academic programs including lectures, panel discussions, and performances.

Please be sure to check our website as we continue to add programs to our event


We are delighted to announce that LUMA will be offering free admission to the

museum from June 6 to November 11 in order to make the work of these three

distinguished Chicago artists more accessible to all audiences. We thank you for

your support and look forward to seeing you at LUMA!


Natasha Ritsma, PhD